26 août 2015

In the Absence of Municipal Elections: Tunisia is Damaging its Archaeology and History

قلتوا 3000 عام حضارة؟؟؟؟ The Zaghouan Aqueduct - or Aqueduct of Hadrian - was a Roman aqueduct which supplied water to the ancient city of Carthage (Tunisia). Built around 130 AD, during the reign of the Emperor Hadrian, The aqueduct was partially restored in the 19th century but today lies mostly in ruins. The present photo of the Aqueduct has been taken in Le Bardo (near Tunis) a few hundred meters away from the building of the Tunisian Parliament and the most important archaeology museum in Tunisia. One can notice how citizens... [Lire la suite]

19 mars 2015

Bardo Museum Scorns ISIS, Tunisia Defies Terror

The great Latin poet, Virgil, holding a volume on which is written the Aeneid. On both sides stand the poet’s two muses: "Clio" (history) and "Melpomene" (tragedy).  History that stands as a witness of the greatness of our civilisation scorns the barbarians of ISIS and DAECH and tragedy narrating the Odyssey  of blood and  sweat  carved by the courage of our ancient people. The mosaic, which dates from the 3rd Century A.D., was discovered in the Hadrumetum in Sousse, Tunisia and is now on display in the Bardo... [Lire la suite]
10 juillet 2013

أنت جائع وما عادش تنجم؟ تحب تصبر لحد شقان الفطر؟ ساهل برشة أسمع واحد من تصريحات مستشاري المرزوقي أو الناطق متاعو ... ها تاو تهرب

أنت جائع وما عادش تنجم؟ تحب تصبر لحد شقان الفطر؟ ساهل برشة أسمع واحد من تصريحات مستشاري المرزوقي أو الناطق متاعو ... ها تاو تهرب الشاهية ضربة ضربة...
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12 avril 2013

To Cheikha Mozza: This Tunis [Madame] was Carthage إلى الشيخة موزة

'Byrsa Boy' is seen here during an exhibit at the museum of Carthage, north of Tunis. The museum has unveiled the long-awaited, 2,600 year old Byrsa Boy after undergoing a lengthy process of skeletal reconstitution in France.The outcome of scientific cooperation between France and Tunisia, the young man has been remodelled and returned to his native soil in historical Carthage, a city state that lasted from 814 B.C. to 146 B.C. He is given a place of honour in the museum of modern-day Carthage, north of Tunis. Le Jeune homme de Byrsa... [Lire la suite]
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18 décembre 2012

The village of Sidi Bousaid in the north of Tunis

The town got its name for a religious figure who lived there in 12th C. The village, overlooking the bay of Tunis, is known for the extensive use of blue and white colours and its typical architecture. Sidi Bou Said is still under reputation as a town of artists. Artists who lived there or visited Sidi Bou Said include Paul Klee, Gustave-Henri Jossot, August Macke, Saro Lo Turco and Louis Moillet. Tunisian artists in Sidi Bou Said are members of Ecole de Tunis (painting school of Tunis), such as Yahia Turki, Brahim Dhahak and Ammar... [Lire la suite]